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Tempo: Festival Prep

Part I of our new, premium blends. Prepare & protect before the excitement even begins.

Harmony: Festival Recovery

Part II of our all-natural recovery formula. Replenish after festivals, finals week, or a bit too much fun.

Rave on: Rave Recovery

The original formula for post-festival protection & recovery; rated #1 rave recovery on Amazon.

The Best In Festival

Festival Wellness began in 2012 with the original Rave On formula, the first supplement made by & for people who love our music & late nights. Since then, we’ve evolved our formula – pinpointing the scientifically-backed natural blends that best sustain us before & after the show.

Proven protection.

Let’s face it: festivals (and life!) can be rough on the body & mind. Our premium, all-natural Festival Wellness formulas are carefully crafted by natural medicine specialists to maximize protection & recovery – wherever your adventures take you.

As festival lovers ourselves, we know the importance of using only the best, scientifically backed ingredients in our supplements. The best protection calls for distinct formulas before & after the party. Check out all the science behind our ingredients on the product pages!

Carefully crafted formulas

Our supplements are designed & tested by natural medicine specialists & avid festival goers – only the best for our community.

Tempo: Festival Protection

Boosts immune system

Protects the brain

Supports liver detox

Replenishes electrolytes

Harmony: Festival Recovery

Boosts mood with 5-HTP

Restores body & brain

Promotes clear mind

Replenishes electrolytes

Rave on: Rave Recovery

#1 Rave Recovery Product

5-HTP to boost serotonin

Protective antioxidant blend

Replenishes electrolytes 

The festival community is full of warmth, personal exploration, and wild souls. I’m so honored to be a part of such a spirited group, and I’m dedicated to ensuring we’re our best, healthiest selves now & in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. Let’s stay in touch! 


– Alexis Fernandez, Founder & Head Scientist

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