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The Festival Wellness Journey

We’ve been at this for over a decade. Happy to have you with us!

Festival Wellness was founded with the goal of promoting wellness and harm reduction amongst the festival community. 

Attending Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference yearly since 2008, we began to notice the toll that these incredible weekends were having on our bodies. Our founder, a Health Science graduate from the University of Miami, discovered research showing that many of the side effects from playing hard at a music festival could be avoided with all-natural supplements. These side effects included everything from jaw clenching, fatigue, & dehydration to the dreaded post-festival blues.

To protect our group, he began making little goodie bags filled with over ten different supplements. This is how the idea behind Rave On was born. Working for a nutraceutical manufacturer after college, he was able to bring Rave On to life in 2012 with the help of formulation scientists & specialists.

Pursuing his passion for wellness & natural medicine, our founder completed his Doctoral graduate education in Chinese Medicine. The knowledge he’s acquired in herbal medicine and holistic healthcare led to the expansion of Rave On into the Festival Wellness brand.

With the help of his colleagues, doctors, and other specialists in natural medicine, we’ve improved and separated our Rave On formula into two distinct festival protection and recovery formulas, Tempo and Harmony, built to maximize impact & effectiveness. The 5-HTP found in Rave On has been taken out of our Tempo: Festival Prep formula, and we’ve added two herbal blends to boost the immune system and support the liver. Recent research has shown us that 5-HTP is not necessary in a preload supplement and we wanted our products to reflect that. Additionally, all the Rave On ingredients have been upgraded to their most bioavailable forms in both Tempo and Harmony.

Now that our festival crew has joined the 9-to-5 working world, we needed a recovery formula that allowed us to jump right back into the post-festival grind with energy, good spirits, & a clear mind. Enter Harmony: Festival Recovery, complete with our unique Mood Boost Blend (essential natural mood boosters combined with 5-HTP) and our Clear Mind Blend, which keeps the mind focused. All along with the fundamental recovery vitamins and electrolytes that are found in Rave On.

We understand that some of our customers love Rave On and have had no issues with using it as their go to recovery supplement, so that’s why we are continuing to sell our classic formula. If Rave On is your go to recovery supplement, we’ve added to our recommendations that people use Tempo: Festival Protection as a preload supplement in combination with Rave On as a recovery supplement. We do not reccomend taking 5-HTP prior to your rave or festival experience. 

Thank you for supporting our mission of a healthier, safer music scene since 2012. We can’t wait to show you our newest supplements & supplies for Festival Wellness in the coming years. Let us know your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, & feedback. And, of course, have the best time out there, take care of each other, and see you on the dance floor <3

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