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Tempo: Festival Prep and Harmony: Festival Recovery are custom vitamin, herbal, and mineral supplements formulated by doctors and specialists in natural medicine who are also festival enthusiasts.

Tempo is made to boost the immune system, help protect the body and brain from the stress induced by partying for multiple days, and prevent a hangover. Harmony is made to help replenish the body and brain for optimum recovery after. Additionally, it helps to promote a good mood and clear mind so that one can jump back into their daily routine.


5 reviews for Tempo & Harmony Bundle

  1. Lovesharambe

    I will never go to a rave or festival event without these again. These not only enhance the great effects of whatever drugs you are taking but also GREATLY alleviate the comedown to allow a much more fluid integration into society. Interacts fantastic with MDMA, LSD, mushrooms, and DMT. These were very important for fueling my 3 day festival event with little sleep while feeling incredibly alert the entire time. I followed the instructions on the bottle to take Tempo for a couple days leading up to the festival, and only taking Harmony after the last day for 5 days. I also very much enjoy taking Harmony once a week to generally improve my mood.

  2. Andrew

    Upon graduating from college, life’s real responsibilities start, but the drinking and socializing doesn’t end. For seven years since graduating, I’ve worked in a variety of fun, demanding, professional and thought-provoking jobs that require focus and attention to detail. I treasure the weekends as an opportunity to step away from life’s real responsibilities, which usually means going to events, festivals, bars, etc. and hanging out with friends. The reality is most of these activities are drinking centric. However, the last few years, I’ve struggled to cope with enjoying these activities because of the toll it takes on my mind and body, which adversely affects my career (think serious, multi-day hangovers). Since I’ve discovered these products, I’ve been able to get my mind and body back into shape much more quickly than before. If you struggle with the same dilemma as above, I recommend you give these a try to enjoy the most life has to offer.

  3. IloveBMW

    I’ve been to many 3-day music festivals and this does help with fast recovery to power through for each day. At first, I was hesitant to buy this one because they weren’t any reviews at all but after comparing the ingredients with other products, I believe this one has a better balance and price for what you need. I would buy again!

  4. Christian

    This is my most repurchased product on Amazon. I originally used RaveOn when I’d go to festivals or just for recovery for nights out in Miami, but they recently changed and I was skeptical at first, but have to say I love Festival Wellness even more. Now I can plan for before and after the festival and not just try and make one product fit every mood I’m feeling. I even take Harmony on days I wake up feeling a little groggy to try and get some mental clarity and Tempo after nights out hitting the bars. I really believe its made me become smarter and healthier with having fun.

    Would highly recommend this product to anyone. I know I’ll keep reordering. Thank you for making this!

  5. Victoria A

    Tempo and harmony are the perfect supplements for my jam packed schedule of work events, happy hours, birthday parties, traveling and always being on the go. Often not getting enough sleep and overexerting myself, I used to find myself crashing all the time, in a bad mood or getting sick. This combo has really changed that for me. I find myself energized, feeling clear minded and in a great mood. I take them on a daily basis and they have made all the difference in my day to day life. I have even been able to cut back on my caffeine and ween off some ADD medications I used to take. I would highly recommend this bundle to anyone who has a busy life but still cares about taking care of what matters most, your mind and body.

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Tempo: Protection & Harmony: Recovery Bundle. Get your body on tempo before the festivities and keep it on beat throughout


BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM. Our custom herbal & mineral blend helps to promote healthy immune function and prevent one from catching a cold while at a festival or event.

PROTECTS THE BRAIN. Our super-antioxidant blend is formulated to help protect the body and brain from substance and alcohol induced toxins while partying at festivals, parties and raves.

SUPPORTS LIVER DETOX. Our blend of amino acids and herbs helps support the liver in its function of breaking down harmful toxins. This in turn helps prevent hangovers which are caused by a build up of toxins.

REPLENISHES ELECTROLYTES. Our blend of minerals help to replenish electrolytes which are necessary for recovery and prevention of hangovers. These essential electrolytes help regulate nerve and muscle function, body’s hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissues

ONE DAY FESTIVITY DIRECTIONS: Take one serving 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hours after event. MULTIDAY FESTIVAL DIRECTIONS: Take one serving daily, starting three days before festival. During festival take two servings, one in AM and PM. Do not take on empty stomach. For maximum recovery, follow up with Harmony: Festival Recovery after festival. Keep your body in harmony after the festivities and get back in rhythm with your daily routine

HARMONY is a supplement made to help replenish the body and brain for maximum recovery after partying for multiple days at a festival. Additionally, it helps promote a good mood and clear mind so that one can jump back into their daily routine after an incredible festival weekend.

BOOSTS MOOD WITH 5-HTP.  5-HTP works to increase serotonin levels in the brain which helps prevent depletion, avoid depression, and stabilizes mood and sleep. Magnesium, zinc, + B6 help the body absorb 5-HTP. 

RESTORES THE BODY AND BRAIN.B-Vitamins & L-Glutamine work to replenish the body and brain for maximum recovery. N-acetyl-L-tyrosine helps restore dopamine & green tea extract helps the body naturally produce serotonin and dopamine. 

PROMOTES A CLEAR MIND.Our custom blend of Lions Mane Mushroom, Bacopa, Tumeric, Black Pepper, and L-Carnitine work synergistically to promote a clear mind by reducing inflam

mation, protecting the brain, enhancing brain function, and improving mental health and well being.

REPLENISHES ELECTROLYTES.Our blend of minerals help to replenish electrolytes which are necessary for recovery and prevention of hangovers. These essential electrolytes help regulate nerve and muscle function, body’s hydration, blood pH, blood pressure, and the rebuilding of damaged tissues.


SUGGESTED USE: Take one serving daily for three to five days after your event or festival. 

Do not take on an empty stomach. 

For maximum protection combine with Tempo: Festival Prep before and during your festival. 

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